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Medical Surveillance Program Management


CORE Health Networks’ Medical Surveillance Program Management Services allow our Clients to outsource their medical department functions.  Our medical professionals work with our Clients to create or review their medical protocols, policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements. Using proprietary, web-based software application, we manage all aspects of their Medical Surveillance Program, including:


   •  Appointment Scheduling

  •  Standardization of Physical Examinations

  •  Visit Authorizations

  •  Receipt of Completed Paperwork from Clinics and Laboratories as Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

  •  Quality Assurance of Clinic Performance

  •  Review, Verification and Payment of Clinic Invoices

  •  Centralized Medical Review and Determination of Clearance by a Licensed Medical Professional

  •  E-mail Notification of Clearance Status

  •  Reminder Reports for Recurring Exams and Services

  •  Maintenance of Medical Records

  •  Management and Storage of Legacy Medical Records via Secure Website



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