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The Leading Provider of Integrated Occupational Medicine Services


CORE Health Networks, the recognized leader in Integrated Occupational Medicine Services, provides integrated solutions to your occupational healthcare needs. Our programs are designed to align with each clients’ missions, goals, and values to achieve desired outcomes and exceed expectations.



Integrated Occupational Medicine Services


   •  TimeZero Injury Management℠


   •  Medical Surveillance Program Management


   •  Functional Assessment Exams


   •  Data Management Services


   •  Substance Abuse Testing



Why Choose CORE Health Networks?


   •  TimeZero Injury Management℠

      24/7/365 Telephone Access to Occupational Health Professionals


   •  Communication is the Key - Frequent Client Communication is Critical to Success


   •  Achieve Desired Results and Exceed Expectations


   •  Responsiveness - You Expect It


   •  Integrated Services - The CORE Advantage





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